“ALSS Habitat Restoration” Is A Conservation Program Dedicated To The Memory Of
Mr. Ghavam Sanei Because Of His Sincere Efforts Concerning Afforestation and Combat Desertification

Mr. Ghavam Sanei, born in March 1942. He was the eldest son of Mr. Hassan Sanei, Governor of Hashtrood Township,  a District Governor in Abhar, and Fereydunshahr who also held various positions in the Iranian Ministry of Interior.
Mr. Ghavam Sanei spent his childhood and teenage years in Khansar city where he had the opportunity to get acquainted with the pristine nature of the surrounding areas. After graduation, he was employed by the Municipality of Najafabad city. During his working life he held positions such as mayor; head, vice, and financial and administrative deputy of the municipality, also a member of the Anti - Extortion Headquarters while he moved to various provinces such as Isfahan, Kurdistan, Bushehr, and Tehran.
He also participated in training programs and visited successful projects in some European countries such as Sweden, France, and Italy, in the field of the urban environment such as green space, waste management, and generating energy from waste processing. He then brought back the knowledge to the country in the form of specialized projects.
One of his lasting services is the successful implementation of a significant plan to establish a large planted forest area in a desert neighboring the city of Habib-Abad in Isfahan province. The implementation of this plan began earlier than 1971 by him, who was the mayor of Habib-Abad at that time. This project finally came to fruition with his efforts and many challenges. Nowadays, this large forest park with an area of ​​240 hectares covered generally by pine and acacia trees is considered as the lungs of the region while it is also one of the tourist attractions in this area.
Ghavam Sanei was very passionate about nature, natural areas, green space, trees, and animals. Thus, together with his wife who is knowledgeable about biology and natural sciences (due to her educational background and field of expertise), they were able to well establish this fundamental importance in their family.
Appreciating the valuable activities and lasting achievements of Mr. Ghavam Sanei during his working life and restless efforts for improving the environmental state in various provinces of Iran, the “ALSS Habitat Restoration Program” is now set up in memory of him. This program is first launched in late 2021, after Ghavam Sanei passed away on September 18 of the same year. This program is initially formed with the financial support of his family by the Asian Leopard Specialist Society that is headed by his youngest daughter, Dr. Arezoo Sanei.

The photos provided below show the current state of the Habib-Abad Forest Park after more than 50 years from the time it was first established by the late Ghavam Sanei. To see more photos of this Forest Park, click HERE.​​​​​​​

Mr. Ghavam Sanei in the last years of his lifetime​​​​​​​

Visit of the Habib-Abad Mayor (i.e. Mr. Gh. Sanei) from the location of the Forest Park Establishment Program

Construction of waterways and establishment of the irrigation system for watering the seedlings in Habib-Abad Forest Park

Seedling Propagation Treasury and Regional Research Center, Habib-Abad Municipality

Location of the Habib-Abad Forest Park